Guest post by Higher Logic and Benel Solutions

We are drowning in a sea of data, every minute of every day. In fact, according to Domo’s 5th edition of Data Never Sleeps, “90% of all data created today was created in the last two years – that’s 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day.” From tweets to emails, video views to purchases, and geographical information to financial information, vast data is collected regularly from all kinds of sources.  

The good news

While we may be drowning in a sea of data, we're also swimming in a sea of opportunity. Being equipped with abundant data makes it possible to personalize and improve consumer experiences, informing effective strategies for future success. 

We’re living in the age of the Data Economy, and that data holds critical pieces for mastering the engagement economy.  So, how can an association take advantage of all this data? 

You probably have lots of data already collected on your constituents in your AMS and other platforms used by your association: memberships, event and webinar attendance, books and subscription purchases, course completions, interest areas, and maybe more.  Armed with the data your members have already provided, you have the information you can use right away to better serve them. 

You can also use data from other sources, outside of your organization, to augment what you know about your members and prospective members and give them a better experience with you. This data from third-party sources can also be used to find new potential members based on the characteristics you already know about your existing members.

The Power of Data to Enhance Personalization 

The value in all this data is that it can be used to personalize your members’ experiences with your organization, allowing them to extract more value from your offerings. When you promote the appropriate content to the right members and prospects, you can foster a personalized experience that encourages them to join, renew, attend, and buy the things your association has to offer.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are key to gaining insight into what a person’s journey should be with your association. However, these tools run on massive amounts of data. They don’t have some magic formula that matches exactly what your individual association needs. It’s a brute force exercise to churn thru mountains of data to find the trends that will give your members what they want. 

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