Just when the conversation was starting to get good, the market has proved us right on target. The fact that there is a tsunami of money entering our association tech market is ringing truer today with the 55M that JMI Equity invested in the online community market leader, Higher Logic.

So, we’re interrupting this regular “Follow the Money” series with a spontaneous “we told you so” post. Hear us though… it’s not about that. It’s about the reality of this happening in our market and how our tech market is changing faster than ever. It’s about having open conversations about why this money is coming into our market and more importantly how we need to be aware that our tech partnerships and some of the operations we’re used to seeing with our tech partnerships are going to change.

And big props to Higher Logic. They’ve worked hard on their product and culture to make it this far. One thing’s for sure, exciting times ahead. And in a couple years I’ll be able to tell you again, “Told you so.”