Guest post by Jennifer Boykin, VP, Marketing & Growth, Protech Associates

Unless you’re completely new to the Association Management System process, you’ve probably heard – and experienced – a disappointment or two when it comes to living with your organization’s AMS. You may be asking yourself why some AMS implementations fail and what you, and your organization, can do differently to dodge these letdowns.

Jennifer Boykin, of Protech Associates has created a guide that will help you understand what can go wrong – and why. But more importantly, we’ll help you nail down some really effective strategies so you can avoid common problems.

Jennifer Boykin has spent much of her career serving nonprofit organizations. Her experience in the association industry drives her passion to help association leaders like you put technology to work. Jennifer will be sharing her AMS knowledge and advice as she addresses questions from Teri to provide you a deeper awareness for your AMS transition.

We don’t want to give too much away, but we know you probably want a teaser, so here it is…

Facts are facts! We asked three experts (like big experts!) in the association technology space to reflect on why AMS decisions go bad. This guide outlines the findings and also give you suggestions for how to side-step common pitfalls along the way.

From remorse to delight. Our goal is to help you prepare for your next AMS transition. We are excited to share our advice to get you off on the right step and turn your dilemmas into innovation!

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