Attention AMSFest Participants!

By attending AMSFest this year, you are actively setting yourself up for success with its wide array of solution vendors and association consultants packed into 2 full days.

Have you done your homework to get the best value from AMSFest? 

We invite you to join our team of industry insiders, AMSFest Sponsors, James Marquis, CIO of 501Works and Olivia Wilkins, Business Analyst, PerByte, for this FREE webinar where you’ll get the inside scoop on how to get the most out of your AMSFest experience.

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Shopping for a new AMS Solution can be a difficult and complex process.  This companion webinar provides you with the following 10 practical takeaways to help successfully choose a new system for your organization.

What to expect at AMSFest?

Know yourself. – Why are you attending and what information should you have at the ready?

What are your pillars for success?

What makes you weird? (In a good way!)

Who to bring with you

Get the most out of the demos. Swipe right?

Stay organized – The “Demo Tracker”

It’s not just a vendor dance… meet some consultants who can help.

Make some association friends… we are stronger together.

Gain insights from the 2023 AMS/CRM System Selection Survey

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