We are taking it to the next level next week with your education line-up for #AMSfest. A powerhouse of speakers, who bend the rules, think outside the box, and disrupt our industry.  

Don’t be late Monday morning! Get to the National Housing Center by 8am to grab some breakfast, fuel up with some coffee, at the Browser Brew Coffee Bar, sponsored by Protech (thank you!), and get in your seats for the Opening Keynote by Tom Morrison, CEO of the Metal Treating Institute.  A big thank you also to Achurch Consulting for sponsoring this spark of energy to start our morning!

Ask yourself, do you know what may be coming your way that is going to wreak havoc in your industry? Then get prepared to hear why disruption is not just another “trendy” word but why it is happening and where you can lead the charge to create good change and success in your organization.  

Tom explained, “The world around associations is changing faster than ever before with no slowing down in sight.  The new Uberization economy is being driven by 3 dynamic forces all working together to disrupt everything in it’s path. The question is… Will you be in front of it or behind it?  It’s your choice.”

Here’s your personal invite from our Opening Keynote…