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Abila NetFORUM Pro

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About Abila

Abila provides software and services to associations and nonprofit organizations that help them make better decisions, execute with greater precision, increase engagement, and generate more revenue. Abila solutions are designed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of member associations, nonprofits and government entities. Abila netFORUM Enterprise is the only association management system that allows associations to manage and engage members, as well as analyze and score those relationships so that they can pinpoint interactions and services that increase engagement, enhance value for the member, and generate additional revenue.  

ReviewMyAMS asked Abila a few extra questions and here's what we found out.

How is Abila providing thought leadership to associations?

Abila provides a tremendous amount of thought leadership through industry research and studies that provide deep insights into the behavior of members and how they like to engage with associations. Additionally, Abila hosts webinars and regional Power Hours throughout the year that provide real-world guidance and advice from industry experts on a variety of topics, including member engagement, learning management, and membership models. Abila also publishes blog posts on a weekly basis that provide industry insight and practical advice. Abila experts speak regularly at industry events.

Other than thought leadership and the solution itself, how has Abila invested in the association industry?

Abila is highly active in a though leadership and membership role in a number of industry organizations, including ASAE, Association Forum of Chicagoland, AMC Institute, and ACCESSE.

Why Abila?

Abila and its team of partners is a leader in providing a broad range of solutions — including Member Management, Learning Management, and Advocacy — to associations of all sizes.