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Today’s members demand a modern, intuitive interface to interact with their association. We understand the member’s perspective and this is what drives our usability, experience and rich feature set. It’s no longer a nice to have to expect software to adapt to your needs, and our uncompromising quest for customer success drives us to build a platform that’s intuitive, fluid, powerful, flexible and a delight to use. 

· Membership Management – Set your membership on autopilot with hierarchies that push the boundaries

Our membership software molds to your evolving needs and can handle any structure you throw at it. Whether you are a single level organization or a multi-level, national, or international entity supporting chapters or company/representative relationships, with the need to manage several membership types, categories, pricing bundles, and membership expiry dates, we can help.

Maintain all aspects of your membership activities and data, and leverage this insight to drive your email campaigns, events and automations intelligently. Our membership module connects all the dots for you, and gives you the data you need on demand. 

· Certification Management – Track professional credits without the excel sheets

Setup eligibility criteria for certificates and let members self report credits with the option to have admins approve requests. Set expiration dates for certifications and engage members to renew through reminder campaigns and more.

· Email Campaigns – Electrify your digital communications

Impress your recipients and put your best face forward with modern, mobile responsive association newsletter templates designed for the modern membership organization. Send quick emails with a click of a button and if there is ever a need to create automated touch point emails, set it up once and let us take care of the rest.

· Event Registrations – A digital event planner that works around the clock

Spin up online registration forms within minutes to allow members and the public to register for events. Keep in touch with registrants and attendees based on ticket type, checked-in status, custom questions and more.

· Commerce – Grow dues and non-dues revenue

Stop chasing renewals and let the system remind and automate membership dues collections. Set your criteria and focus on the exceptions, not the daily grind. With financial reporting, you can easily track online store purchases, dues payments, manual transactions and more.

· Communities – Harness the power of groups to create member networks

Give your members a place to build meaningful relationships and connections, where they can gain up to the minute updates happening within the association. Create multiple groups within your community database to give members that share a common interest a dedicated space for collaboration, segmented by membership type, chapter, or certain industry sectors to connect at a closer level. 

· Website CMS – Publish data-driven content easily without any help from IT

Drag and drop your way to a responsive SEO-friendly website from a library of ready templates and publish content at lightning speed. We’ve built our CMS using responsive design on the world’s leading framework, so everything you publish will automatically adjust to your visitor’s device, be it desktop, tablet or mobile.

Rejuvenate your association and take it to the next level of membership success! Our award-winning technology keeps you ahead of the curve of community engagement, membership automation, and growth. Find out how thousands of delighted customers have modernized their communication and digital strategy to deliver a seamless and innovative member experience, backed by an experienced team that guarantees your success.

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