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Nimble AMS

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About Nimble AMS

Nimble AMS by Community Brands helps you manage every aspect of your association while leveraging the power of the #1 CRM platform, Salesforce. From creating and managing a stellar membership experience to processing orders, managing events, and analyzing your organization’s data, Nimble AMS helps your entire team succeed. 

Leverage the power of Salesforce to take your association to the next level. Chatter, Mobile, AppExchange, Content, Workflow, Process Builder, Flows and thousands of other Salesforce features work seamlessly with the traditional AMS features needed to run your organization. Learn more at

How is Nimble AMS providing thought leadership to associations?

Nimble AMS publishes blog posts on related to association industry trends, technology topics and more. Sig VanDamme, Membership Evangelist and founder of NimbleUser (original creators of Nimble AMS) frequently leads education sessions at popular association conferences such as ASAE Technology Conference & Expo, DigitalNow, AMS Fest, CESSE, Xperience and more.

Other than thought leadership and the solution itself, how has Nimble AMS invested in the association industry?

Nimble AMS has been committed to the association technology space since 1992. With the rise of cloud computing and powerful platforms like the Salesforce App Cloud, the team recognized the association marketplace needed the same level of innovation that the for-profit world was taking advantage of and Nimble AMS was born – a Salesforce platform-based Association Management System to address this need for innovation.

Why Nimble AMS?

In addition to the power and innovation provided by the Salesforce Platform, the difference is in the team supporting the product. 

In the words of one of our clients, "For customers to be truly successful, a software solution needs to be backed by excellent customer service. People who really understand the needs of an Association and are invested in your success. The folks at Community Brands feel as if they are on your team and are great partners to collaborate with. They have infused excellent customer service into their culture. They are not a ‘product’ company but a customer success company. An Association Management System is the software bedrock on which all operational systems rely. You don’t want to get that wrong. With Nimble AMS you won’t." - Mike Lakas, VP of Operations and IT