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120 Days post go-live

Customer Service
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Trade Membership
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1-3 years

We are a trade association, and we track companies primarily, but also track individuals. We have 1800 companies in membership and approximately 50K people attached to them. We use CV Connect for our website and CMS now for online registration, speaker management, awards, and exhibits, membership directories as well as all our member-only material. We do all our own website development that isn't CV driven so it's been fun building out the nice new site. And it works! And online registrations are way up! CV Online has a great self service member dashboard, where we now push out dues invoices, surveys, registration receipts and purchase history, CE hours, class evaluations, transcripts and certificates. We are still settling into our new CV installation, but so far, so good! The office as a whole thinks we made a good choice, and the installation was not the heinous crime scene that our last AMS install was. There were very few surprises, and the company as a whole has been very responsive to our needs and issues. Seriously, this was like night and day compared to the last AMS (cough Personify cough) installation. Staff are using the software more often and more easily than the last one, and it's been flexible to change and configure as needs arise. Having said that, it is still very complex and more than a little bit quirky but not enough to be a show stopper. Euclid staff is well aware of the quirks and have been very up front about it. Admittedly, some of the quirkiness may lie in, um, the user area. Change is hard. One of the really great things about this new AMS is that it gets upgraded regularly in the background, both CRM and CMS. We've already been through one since go-live, and it was nearly seamless. Euclid's installation team was top-notch.

SO: 18 months into it, we are still pretty happy with CV. They are doing their behind the scenes upgrades almost as often as they promised, and improvements we requested have been showing up.  One thing that has been bothering me greatly:  we made it a point in our RFP and discussions to put mobile up front, just like every other association in the universe.  For the most part, the mobile pieces have all been working, except.... when people register online and get the automated email back for their confirmation, it is unreadable on an iPhone.  Can't speak to Android, but iPhone users are out of luck if they need to use that confirmation for anything.  I was told that the confirmation was not spec'd to be mobile friendly.  In this day and age, I think that is pretty short-sighted for it to be created any other way.   I made a ticket for it, but was told that it would have to be billable. 

AMS Response

Thank you for sharing the positive experience that you had with our software and our implementation team. In your review, you noted that the automated email confirmations do not always render properly on an iphone (or other smart phone devices). We want to let you know that we just launched an upgrade that creates responsive versions of the email confirmations and they look spectacular on every device. Please click here to see how the entire order confirmation process looks, from the confirmation webpage to the automated confirmation email (note how both are responsive and look great even on a mobile device!).