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Customer Service
Does your AMS vendor respond to your organization's requests in a timely and thorough way?
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Hybrid, Mostly Individual
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4-7 years

We are on Dynamics 365 (online) with Altai’s AMS solution integrated into our platform. We also use their shopping cart processor within our website (through our CMS, Kentico), and many other plugins and integrations, specifically to manage our certification program, membership, and accounting processes. We had a very aggressive timeline of moving three data sources/CRMs to one (Dynamics) AND rebuilding our entire website in 18 months, set by our executive team and board committee. After evaluating two other vendors, Altai was the only one able to committee to our timeline and truly partnered with us to make it happen. We are in a support structure with Altai at this point and have a great relationship. They are very responsive to our requests and support issues and we meet with them weekly. In our work with Altai, we have discovered that our organization and business users require much more customization than we anticipated. Based on this, we sometimes run into challenges with Altai's out-of-the-box solutions when we have complex business rules and use cases we need to build around. Altai has great offerings if you are staying within their default solutions with minimal work or customization needed. We tend to need some sort of customization on almost everything they have integrated in our platform, and we’ve had to build some homegrown solutions to get around problems we’ve faced based on this. They have acknowledged that we are likely their most complicated client, so I really think this problem is pretty unique to how we do business. Overall, they are a great partner and very attentive to our needs and requests. Definitely worth evaluating as you explore AMS options! 

AMS Response

Thanks so much for this review!.   Feel free to contact me and lets brainstorm on how we can do better!