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AMS not small staff friendly

Customer Service
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Ease of Use
Membership Size: 
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Individual Membership
Primary Job Function: 
Executive Management, Strategic Planning, Governance
Number of Years Using the AMS: 
8-11 years
I have a small AMC and have been a user of this AMS since 2008. I converted all of my associations (4) to this product. While the up time of the system is really good and the basic price for the service seems fair, I've been increasing frustrated with the reporting functions. I have challenges running very basic reports. The member invoicing system is complex and has resulted in us using a process outside of the system for better results. Finally, every time I open up the system for registration, I get lot of complaints from my members that the registration form is complicated and hard to navigate. This has resulted in a two things for us that take more time: 1) Members e-mailing to confirm their purchases. They are not confident that they registered correctly; 2) Some members refusing to use the on line form and asking for a paper form instead. Perhaps this would be a better system for a larger organization that has the ability to put more resources into the customization (time and money).