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AMS or Law Firm? Watch out for added costs

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The system overall offers many modules at a reasonable price. Monthly charges are based on number of licenses and number of contacts in the database. Overall the system has worked well but there are a few really PAINFUL PAIN points that need to be resolved.

First, when we signed with NOAH there was absolutely no user guide as of 2 years ago. They have slowly began posting a guide for certain module sections but not all. There are a lot of modules and features and rolling out the user guide is pretty slow. So once training is completed, if a client has a question about a module that is not in their user guide they will charge you for answering the question. Even if it is a YES or NO question, you will be charged for 15 minutes of their hourly rate. That's $40 a pop!!! for someone to answer you. Can the module do this? No. $40!!!!

Second, the system is not perfect (none are), and there are sections of the modules that cannot be controlled by the client, for example the registration form. There are numerous section a client can customize but the instruction text on the form has to be entered by NOAH. BAM! another charge. It doesn't seem right to charge a client for updating a page they can't update themselves.

Also, if the system crashes or a glitch happens, when you point it out! $$$$$ - they will charge you to fix it even though it was not your fault and a weird glitch on a particular day.

I actually am pleased with most of the system, like I said nothing is perfect, but their customer service and charging for any contact with their staff is unreasonable. It is also unreasonable to charge clients for asking for guidance when there is NO user guide in the section you are inquiring about.

They told us in the beginning they take customer feedback and use that to update the system but we haven't seem any updates since we signed on and any feedback response will end up on your invoice $40!!!

I do believe clients need to take ownership[ of their AMS and make sure there are staff members that are fully trained in all aspects that other staff can reach out to but NOAH needs to account for the fact that they can't possibly cover everything in a training and clients may have questions. We have actually had meetings to decide is it worth asking the question or do we suffer and not get and answer or something fixed.

The only reason I am not giving the AMS a thumbs down is because I think 85% of it is actually fine but their business model and price gouging is getting out of hand.
Note: We use other 3rd parties and this is the only one that charges us for questions and fixes.