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AMS / Timberlake Upgrade

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4-7 years
I recently had the opportunity to work with Timberlake, more specifically Scott Crockett, and the experience was A+. I was reluctant at first for multiple reasons. The platform we use Timberlike for is as a non-profit, statewide advocacy and information, school counseling site. Because of this, most of the board and resources are volunteer. Somehow, I finally got our emails forwarding correctly and found an email for a Timberlake User Group meeting. It was during this meeting that I noticed all the great features of our software that we were not using, let alone, aware of. As it turns out, because of our internal turnover and lack of any real documentation, we discovered we were several versions behind. This is when we reached out to Ashwin and Scott. From that point forward, the experience was 180 degrees different. Scott took the lead, ran the project as a formal, business/IT focused project, with stage gates, timelines, test plans, etc. As an IT guy, volunteering for the non-profit group, this was a refreshing experience. In my spare time, I am a "raving-fan" for education and educational opportunities for students. In addition to this, I am now a "raving-fan" of Scott and his team! Thank you Scott and team for your commitment to customer service and quality product delivery.