Aptean GoMembers Review

Customer Service
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Trade Membership
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8-11 years

We implemented GoMembers (formerly Computility) in 2010. At that time, the company was very easy to work with and they were able to fulfill our customization needs. The training we received in the beginning was adequate. We liked the implementation trainer and he was very patient and helpful.

We've only requested the addition of one new feature during our relationship and it was done quickly and didn't cost an arm and a leg.

We only use a few of the AMS' features and that is mostly our fault. We are a two person staff and just haven't devoted time to researching all the features and using them.

The software company has changed names over the years. Sometimes we knew about a merger or sale but mostly we didn't. Poor communications is definitely my biggest complaint with Aptean. They rarely communicate with their users (unless it is renewal time). We aren't informed of upgrades or changes to the system. I usually find out about changes when I try to use a feature that I routinely use and find out it has changed. Generating reports is a clunky process. It used to be easy and now it's not. 

I don't believe the changes that I have discovered on my own have been improvements and I would like to know the rationale behind them. Have I asked? I haven't because I've been so frustrated. And, I believe that THEY should be telling US what's going on.

We contacted our account manager at Aptean several years ago when we decided to update our website. We sent him an RFP and we never received a response. Very disheartening.

I don't think GoMembers is a terrible product. As I said earlier, it is clunky. I don't think the processes are all that intuitive (parent/child relationships) and what should be simple functions (generating reports) are made difficult.

UPDATE: The NEW name is Avolin. The AMS gets less user friendly with each name change/upgrade; we are only using it for mailing lists and reports.