Easy to Learn - Very Robust

Customer Service
Does your AMS vendor respond to your organization's requests in a timely and thorough way?
Ease of Use
GrowthZone Association Edition 1.0.7600.25756
Membership Size: 
Industry Type: 
Organization Type: 
Hybrid, Mostly Individual
Primary Job Function: 
Executive Management, Strategic Planning, Governance
Number of Years Using the AMS: 
4-7 years

We've been on the GrowthZone Association Edition for almost four years now and I don't know what we'd do without the system.

We utilize college students, part-time, to do much of the internal maintenance. Via a few tutorials we recorded, and a minimum amount of online coaching, we're able to ramp them up in the system within a few hours. Whenever we have run into glitches or issues, customer service has been quick to respond and escalate our needs appropriately. Many times, we have submitted new ideas which are voted upon in the user portal, gaining community support and utlimately coming to fruition.  This means the software is constanly being improved and updated based on what the users are asking for!

We have experienced near zero downtime throughout our experience. There have been cases where minor user issues popped up, forms not populating a State field, inability to submit, etc.  When these have occurred, customer service has responded quickly - solving the problem and providing a means to reach back to any impacted members / visitors.

The system is highly customizable, the only issue we've had is imitations in permissions where we wish to allow non-staff users to manage the DB for their group.  For example, the president or secretary of a chapter having the capability to manage the chapter without visibility into other chapters.  We have managed some work-arounds in this area, and I believe GZ will come up with the needed changes in the near future.

You can't go wrong with this system - onboarding is great, it's easy to learn and use, great support, flexible and constantly improving!