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First Year Struggles with a new AMS

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Less than 1 year
We are completing our first year with a new AMS and most of it was spent in implementation. There have been many struggles along the way some of which were made worse by the condition of our data to be converted. We purchased nearly every module offered and since we went live we have found crippling issues with at least 3 modules, legislative affairs, fundraising and e-marketing. As we prepared to release to our membership one by one issues starting arising. Since we were new customers and unfamiliar with the process we had expectations of issues being presented, escalated and then corrected. It has been very difficult to receive status updates that include any amount of detail to be helpful to inquiring management and members. We chose MemberSuite to have flexibility because of the many ways it can be customized. Some of the original flexibility we thought we would have with multiple membership organizations and business units have not worked out the way presented. We are hopeful that things will improve and some of the outstanding issues will be corrected. Our membership has been very receptive to the change and from their perspective the portal has been easy to use, but could use a few adjustments for those individuals, such as assistant's, who always administer their bosses' accounts. I would very much like to recommend MemberSuite because I think it has great potential, but with all of the issues we have had and not knowing if and when they will be corrected I cannot recommend with a good conscience.