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Dynamic 365 can be a beast but if you team with a good partner, you can bring the beast under control. Altai has given us the ability to control the beast. Our organization has been with Altai since 2015. As others have said, planning is key but there are times you can’t plan for what you do not know. Working with Altai gives us the flexibility needed to massage Dynamic 365 into a smooth-running machine.

The first year and a half were not the greatest. For the most part, we were able to use the Altai out of the box with no issues. There is a division in our organization that required a fully customized entity. Within this entity, members had to complete a form, upload multiple documents, and proceed to checkout for payment. On the form, there were multiple lines of information with a complex formula to calculate the billed amount. The original Altai developer created a process that would never complete due to one or more errors. But working with the key people at Altai, they worked with us to understand the process in more detail to determine the cause of the issue. Altai ended up doing a rebuild of the process and today the process has a 90% success rate.  Some may have dropped Altai during this process, but I found they were more willing to make things right than making the client want to leave. We continue to build customized entities, some as complex as the first customized entity, with no issues. We continue to move more departments into CRM and expand the platform.

As we continue to grow in our use with Dynamic CRM, Altai is right there, lending a hand when needed. Altai is growing not only in clients but also their staff. I feel some shortfalls that may have been turned around to positives. In the beginning, documentation was slim, now they do webinars covering how modules work. These webinars become part of their knowledge base for review as needed. As Microsoft continues to expand Dynamics 365, Altai stays right in pace by upgrading and adding new features to their layer and portal.

Overall, I do not feel that Altai is out to make a buck off you but wants to help you succeed in your AMS adventure. I am a happy client of Altai and would suggest that everyone check them out.