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The Good and Bad

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Let me start off by saying that i have not found the "PERFECT" AMS that has no issues and works for everyone how they want with total and complete ease of use and understanding.  If you have found that solution please let me know but like all solutions there is the good and the bad and how it will work for your organization.  We have been on protech for many years and becuase it is built on Microsoft CRM you can use it to your full advantage to create any missing business workflows and everything is fully integrated in to their UX backend and their MX front end which means we have total control of how we need things to work.  The bad is that it is so rubust that you can do the same take 5 different ways and they will all work and be correct but then each has its own impact to your business processes and efficiency.  They do have some improvements they can make and they do have some that are in the near release that will help that but each assocation does things so differently. This would be one of the complete soliutions on the market that allows you toe contollability and customization abilites to make what you want and have it work within your processes if you dedicate the time and training to do so.