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Good overall functionality, but room to improve on customization

Customer Service
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Ease of Use
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Finance / Insurance
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Individual Membership
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Chief Staff Officer (#1)
Number of Years Using the AMS: 
1-3 years

NetFORUM, now owned by Abila, is a web-based AMS system. This system includes several modules for managing events, customer/member relationship management (CRM), transactions, fundraising, distributed grants, etc. Based on the modules an association elects to use, a memberÕs record in the CRM module will show all ÒtouchpointsÓ (i.e. transactions, event registrations, etc.) for a particular member in one simple click. In addition, the netFORUM can be integrated with Real Magnet, a popular email marketing service used by many associations. This integration allows netFORUM to track all communications distributed to a member for a historical log. The event module helps organize attendees, speakers and exhibitors for an event. It also allows an association track payments, registrations and cancellations. netFORUM also uses member loyalty scoring and ÒMoves ManagementÓ which helps your marketing team identify your most loyal members and target those who you want to ÒmoveÓ from a new member stage to the most loyal member stage using data collected about their involvement (i.e. attend events, pay dues, etc.). netFORUM has a lot to offer associations. However, there are limited configuration options and customization, so it is important that it fits your needs before you purchase a package.