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Does your AMS vendor respond to your organization's requests in a timely and thorough way?
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Our project implementation recently ended in late 2018.  The scope of the project was quite large and complex in that we were migrating from 2 separate databases (1 on-premise and 1 cloud) and merging into the 1 Dynamics Online database from Altai.  The Altai team was able to successfully complete the work and get all of our data merged into 1 database.  There were obstacles encountered that led to us going over budget in both time and cost however.  The Altai team was very knowledgeable of their product and were very friendly to work with.  They worked with our team routinely to ensure that everyone was on the same page with the project and any issues were flagged immediately.  

In terms of the product itself, it has proven to be very robust and customizable (with proper training or tech background).  We have a very small office of 15 end users and 1 IT Director (myself) and we are able to manage everything on the console from data entry to customizing.  There is a bit of a learning curve and necessary training required to be able to use the system.  Altai has been very responsive to our training needs and we had them onsite for face to face training before we went live.  We have very unique business processes that really stretch the OOTB solution.  Our decision not to get a "customized" solution (due to cost), has added some pain points for our normal business process while using this system.  Altai worked with us during the discovery phase to flag everything we need and were able to configure workarounds using the OOTB solution so our needs were met and avoided the "customized" solution.  We are still in the early stages of using this product in a live environment and we continue to add new features without assistance from Altai, however, they have made it clear that they are only a phone call/email away should we need anything.  What we have noticed post go-live is that the same people that worked on your implementation are the ones handling your support issues.  It adds a level of comfort to know that the people working on your issue actually know your system because they helped build/configure it.

Early in the implementation Altai experienced some staff turnover that impacted our project.  It added delays as new people had to get up to speed on our project and learn our needs.  Altai was very transparent through the entire project (not just with the staffing) so we felt comfortable with what was going on.  They worked with us on any question, concern, or issue that came up regardless of what it was.  We can tell that this is a company that really cares about its clients and makes it a priority to provide excellent service.