A highly customizable back end, front (member) end is a bit dated

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NetForum offers a lot of customabilty that can be extended and integrated to fit your organization's needs. With the customization comes the need for staff to test each patch and change prior to implementation. This is an important item to note for small staff associations when considering their options. 

Overall, support is knowledgeable and helpful, and offer solutions and insight when and where they can. For bigger system issues, issues go into a que to be addressed. Not directly related, but netFORUM community is a great resource for connecting with other users and sussing out best practices with your particular version of netFORUM. 

eWeb, where the member interacts with the AMS, is the weakest link. As others have noted, in today's world where Amazon transactions are the benchmark for e-commerce, the eWeb shopping experience leaves much to be desired. Out of the box, no quick way to add multiple items or donations to a shopping cart for quick and easy checkout. 

The other issue with the eWeb is that MAC users can often encounter an error in the checkout process that prevents them from competing a transaction without logging out or forcing a hard refresh of the page.

Certain updates to the eWeb can take 24 hours to show, since certain elements are cached into an application pool for 24hrs. It is possible to force a refresh of the application pool, but doing so forces current eWeb users to be log back in and as such, it should be used sparingly.