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4-7 years

netForum Enterprise can work if you have a dedicated IT department/staff or a large budget for long-term IT consultants or relationships with the consultants that implemented you. If you do not have IT or technical staff, then this is probably not the right system for you.

I implemented in 2013, and their support was dreadful at that time. Support seems to have improved lately, particularly after the acquisition by Community Brands, but that could also be the result of me knowing the limitations of the system now and tempering my expectations.

Do not expect to have bugs fixed in a timely manner. Expect regression.

Upgrading is a huge challenge. I have upgraded once in 5 years and the project took 9 months to complete . We had to test every customization and recompile all our custom projects that were integrated which meant reaching out to developers that had left our company and had to pay them as consultants to make a few updates. That was even a small-scale upgrade as we upgraded to a new version on the same build (2013.1 to 2013.2) which is rare. My next upgrade will be from 2013 to 2017 so I'm anticipating an endeavor.

I will say that I really appreciate the database model, so if you or staff have advanced SQL skills, then you can really leverage the platform, but the eweb/iweb interfaces don't do the database model justice.

So, it you have the budget and IT staff and patience to deal with this or is there a better off-the-shelf SAAS platform that will give you 90% of what you need and 100% less headache than netForum Enterprise...