It was the only option for the Village model organization

Customer Service
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Ease of Use
Membership Size: 
100 or fewer
Industry Type: 
Organization Type: 
Individual Membership
Primary Job Function: 
Chief Staff Officer (#1)
Number of Years Using the AMS: 
1-3 years

This AMS is designed for "clubs", like country clubs, or fraternities, etc. It does have some good functionality, however, there is a lot to be desired in the ease of use category.

My volunteers are generally already retired and haven't been working for several years. I needed a system that was easy peasy, 1-2-3; something that didn't require so many steps to create an event or a service request that you had to have step by step instructions laid out.

This was not it.

The Village model organization is on that is mostly volunteer run and in most cases, starting out this was the only choice we had. We had to learn to deal with its tedious business processes and managing two sets of data (yes, members are in one data set, nonmembers/all others are in another) that ARE NOT CONNECTED! Some Villages have made it work for them, but have sacrificed efficiency.

I do like some of the reporting features and the ability to download in a variety of formats. However, there are some inconsistencies there as well. For example, we have what we call service providers. These are either individuals as volunteers or professionals who are fee-for-service. The reports include a field called "service provider" which is good, but the problem is that you have a first and last name issue in one column. So this requires additional work to separate the two names into separate columns.