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It's scary to move, but I'm sure glad we did

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This is our association's third web site in the 16 years I've been with this organization. I was not involved in the build out of the first. I was heavily involved in the second (which was custom built for us and eventually started breaking for lack of updating...which we didn't understand we needed to do until it was too late). And I was heavily involved in this third Timberlake decision and build out. It took us a while to get the build started. Day-to-day association matters were more pressing and the Timberlake team was patient (though our contact kept changing because there were changes going on there as a result of the Naylor purchase). Finally, we buckled down and started learning how to build. The build itself was not all that intuitive and I relied heavily on our contact. Too late in the process we realized we could simply pay Timberlake for them to transfer the content to the site. Things would have gone much faster had we known that earlier, but I think Timberlake web development folks aren't trained in sales so I had to mention that we were thinking about hiring a third party before our Timberlake contact said "oh we can do that". Things went a lot faster after that and we were able to launch on schedule. One of our team members who'd been through multiple web site builds said they'd never seen a web launch go so smoothly. We've been thrilled with the robustness of the admin side of the site and, more importantly, our members are very happy with some of the new features were offering them via Timberlake. There are always improvements from our view, but the thing we're most excited about is the fact that the Timberlake team is actively listening as they plan module/feature improvements. Not only do they ask for feedback directly, but they also have a users group that meets monthly. Our new site has been up for 4 months now and I'm so pleased with how it works for our team and our members. We're looking forward to continuing to work and grow with Timberlake.