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Customer Service
Does your AMS vendor respond to your organization's requests in a timely and thorough way?
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Trade Membership
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Chief Staff Officer (#1)
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4-7 years

We chose this system hoping it would be an upgrade from our prior system.  We conducted a rigorous needs analysis and RFP process, and NOAH seemed to check all the boxes for us.

Implementation was clunky.  It was hard for them to get data migration right, requiring a number of passes.  There was little documentation for the system (something they are remedying), and some key functions, such as the process by which members join, are so clunky that we get calls and emails every year from prospects lost in the process.

The annual cost is reasonable.  However, the flip side is that additional work - customization, bug fixes, changes - are all charged back on a time and charges basis.  Nearly everything we've needed has been "chargeable" - which is part of the model - but deadlines have often slipped for delivery, and we've had to do our own testing to insure accuracy.

I'd probably be looking for another AMS if the time and emotional energy required wasn't so great - especially the effort to burn in a new system and migrate our web site.  Judging by many of the reviews for all systems, not just this one, there is a lot of unhappiness with AMS systems, and I'm not convinced the time required to spec our needs, issue an RFP, and implement a new system will result in huge improvements.  Maybe a 2020-2021 project.