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Large global Association Management System - 500 Users

Customer Service
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Ease of Use
Primary Job Function: 
Executive Management, Strategic Planning, Governance
Number of Years Using the AMS: 
1-3 years
This implementation was an Association Management replacement project. This included software selection, business process re-engineering, and implementation of a 500 users ERP/CRM program supporting 500,000 international memberships. The goal of this project is to support future growth objectives while supporting the organization and improving the value it provides. The core component is to replace the existing association management system (AMS) and all integration points, with an enterprise solution. The objective is to increase business capabilities to support operations and drive strategy, make transformational improvements, and increase revenue. The software for this implementation is MicrosoftÕs CRM and AltaiÕs Membership platform. Concept: ¥ Provide a consistent, integrated view of membership and stakeholder information ¥ Provide the right people with the right information at the right time ¥ Optimize, consolidate, and standardize existing systems and processes to ensure future expansion capability ¥ Implement a comprehensive, integrated information strategy that eliminates redundancy and simplifies data access In replacing the current AMS, this project adds significant capabilities to support all business practice areas by increasing customer satisfaction and enabling growth. In doing so, inefficiencies caused by the current system and its associated manual processes are removed and total cost of ownership is reduced.