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MemberMax small but good

Customer Service
Does your AMS vendor respond to your organization's requests in a timely and thorough way?
Ease of Use
As a user since 2011 we are, for the most part, satisfied with MemberMax as our AMS. We had several different databases (we used Filemaker) that were imported during the initial setup but the implementation went fairly smooth. Most of our requests are fulfilled in one way or another but we do find that customer service is sometimes an issue. MemberMax has a small staff and several of the staff are related to the owner of the company. This dynamic can be problematic. Also, we get charged for all custom programming now so if you want to make changed to the setup, do it at the time of implementation if at all possible. The software does get regular updates and is hosted by Applications2U which is very dependable. We have integrated our database and web site so that our members can update their own information, make online payments, make donation to our Foundation, etc., all online. This reduced the workload on our staff and allowed us to put more focus on other projects. There are some things that need improvement (ability for automatic monthly payments, publication module) but for the most part it works well.