MemberSuite Review

Customer Service
Does your AMS vendor respond to your organization's requests in a timely and thorough way?
Ease of Use
MemberSuite 4
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Industry Type: 
Finance / Insurance
Organization Type: 
Individual Membership
Primary Job Function: 
Membership, Customer Service, Data Entry
Number of Years Using the AMS: 
1-3 years

We are a certification non-profit association and when we were reviewing the different database managment systems, MemberSuite stated that their system is compatible to our exams; when we went live, it wasn't  and they insisted that we had not told them about the exams, which were clearly in the specs we had sent them.  They had to create a work around to accommodate our exams.  As it is, it takes hours to set up and constant prodding from us for MemberSuite to customize the event (as it's listed in their system) to our needs.  It works but it's not what we anticipated.

As for their customer service, the staff is very nice. but some of the tech support is below par.  Sometimes it takes weeks, if not months, before they understand what kind of information your are looking for and how to go about retrieving it from the system.  The system is somewhat user friendly but their Advanced Searches can be difficult to use.

I had used Avectra NetForum before and that is a much more user friendly database management system