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Matrix Maxx AMS
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Trade Membership
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Communications, Public Relations, Publications
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4-7 years

I originally wrote a review back in 2018 for Matrix Maxx (you can see it in archived) but the recent negative review has prompted me to write another.

All I can say is, based on the terseness of the response, is clearly expectations have not matched with reality. Given the claims made in the review, it's hard to imagine that the reviewer has much actual experience with this product or company, so I want to address each claim individually.

"All updates/customizations are $1,000s, if they can even do it at all." This is fairly demonstrably false. The Maxx platform is updated every quarter with new features/fixes, and we have MANY customizations in place that Matrix have built for us. Some customizations were complex, and were more expensive—others have been simple and cost nothing. Go figure, the cost of a project directly correlates with the amount of time needed to complete it.

"Ugly and clunky user interface." Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose. But I haven't found this to be the case.

"Communications function doesn't even function as a modern email platform should." Maxx is an AMS, not an email marketing platform (again, expectations, reality, etc). Maxx has a perfectly functional listserve function and integrates seamlessly with both Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor (the latter an integration built for us at our request). 

I hope this addresses adequately any concerns raised by the other review. The main reason we work with Matrix is because of the people and relationships. There is NO company with better customer service than Matrix. Please don't let one bad review rob you of the opportunity to work with a company like Matrix Group. We have worked with Matrix for close to two decades and have no plans to change that.