Not any better than the 20 year old program previously used. Caused more problems than solved.

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Hybrid, Mostly Individual
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Chief Staff Officer (#1)
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1-3 years

Manual movement of data between old database, QuickBooks and ConstantContact is what sent us on the search for a new AMS. Timberlake (now Naylor) assured us the system would be able to meet all our needs and make the manual data transfer unnecessary. In reality, NONE of what we were promised has been possible. These are just some of the problems: 
1. Can not mark members as having attended events. Zero check-in type functionality. Also no option for issuing credits for events not attended. 
2. Renewal process is a nightmare - anything other than simply dues (e.g. section membership or additional options) requires the member to renew or staff to manually renew individual members. 
3. Zero integration with QuickBooks. Payments must be entered manually. 
4. Simple reports (e.g. How many members have paid their dues and how many have outstanding invoices?) don't exist. Everything requires exporting data to Excel and then sorting, running counts, etc. 
5. Blast email capability is cumbersome at best (e.g. can not change subject line for membership renewal email or sending invoices) 
6. Credit card payments for invoices require manual movement of data as it is not identified what the member purchased or paid for. 
7. Recurring problems with members not receiving password reset emails. 
8. If you have members who are part of a firm or larger organization, it is NOT possible for them to show up on their own in the directory AND bill the firm/org for all dues and invoices