Not what it claims to be. A broken system with a pretty face.

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Trade Membership
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Chief Staff Officer (#1)
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1-3 years

My prior reviewed was too soon to post early on in our usage of Member365. The system is terribly broken and the company and owner refused to fix any actual programming bugs. The company is run by 2 brothers and a handful, literally a few, other individuals who don't know the system or how to set things up. Like many software companies, they promise and say it can do, this, this, and that but once you get your data into their system, they go back on those promises and say that they never said it could. I am blown away by the unprofessionalism from their staff and owners. Within merely a year of using the platform and having our membership renewals not work properly, entire memberships disappeared from the system, organizations with attached employees would drop off completely and be left in a purgatory type space in the system, we left Member365. This system was so bad that we didn't leave to another software, we left it entirely, took our data out (which was another huge headache and the company refused to help) and manually did membership renewals until we found a new system.

I don't want other associations to go through what we went though. This was not just a bad experience, this was by far the worst and most broken software system I have ever seen in my life. They have no developers on staff, no matter what they claim. Stay far away from this company, don't be enticed by the cheaper costs and ability to negotiate some 'waived' fees. Their software does not work as they claim. It doesn't even handle basic individual memberships well nor emails.