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Trade Membership
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Communications, Public Relations, Publications
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1-3 years

Matrix Group International (the company behind MatrixMaxx) have been a critical part of our association's successes for close to two decades. Matrix Group are responsive, reliable, and, not insignificantly, a great group of people. While MatrixMaxx is powerful in of itself, the AMS seamlessly integrates with a number of key third party tools, including MailChimp, WordPress, SharpSpring, and Sitefinity. Matrix Group are constantly upgrading the Maxx platform, with new features being added almost every quarter. They stay appraised of current industry trends and needs, and have been incredibly diligent in their rollout of GDPR-compliant measures (though thankfully this hasn't affected our association too much!).

One earlier review refers to a lack of customization. Though I can see a validity to the argument from the standpoint of not being able to do the work yourself, Matrix have built us a number of customized features and upgrades, tailored specifically for our association's needs. I think for the vast majority of people, this is a preferable scenario. The main positive to this approach is that when upgrades are made to the system, those upgrades are made for everybody (unless they have elected for a custom version of that particular feature, of course). This results in Matrix Group reacting to the needs of the industry—of which their large client base is representative—as a whole, which benefits everybody.

It should also be noted that Matrix Group are skilled web designers, recently winning a 2017 Website of the Year Award from Sitefinity (a CMS platform). The integration between a powerful database, a choice of content management systems, a number of additional marketing tools, and a highly competent staff, makes MatrixMaxx an excellent choice for any association.