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Individual Membership
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Chief Staff Officer (#1)
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4-7 years

We switched to Noah 3+ years ago after quickly working our way through two "out of the box" projects. We came looking for a product that was affordable for a small to medium sized association, but we also needed one that allowed for customization beyond your traditional out of the box AMS. As you can see below, we've saved a ton of money by being with them.

Implementation: This was hands-down the most amazing process I've been through, having done this four other times in my life. The team sat down for two days with us to understadn our business rules and then rolled it out for us, giving us a chance to verify each step. They used this time to create custom reports for us, as well, which you dont get out of the other affordable prodcuts.

Customer Service: The Noah team is extremely responsive. We use nearly every module available, so we are on a first name basis Yes, there's a charge when you ask them to do something you can do yourself or that you want customized. But having been with other AMS, its rare that there's a person I can call who knows my account inside and out. When we are onsite at our annual convention, I have our contact's cell phone number in case there are issues. I've never gotten that kind of service before.

Quality - Backend: It takes a bit to learn the intricacies of Noah. But that's the effect of having a customizable database. In the last six months, they've added lots of new manuals and a user community which has helped.

Quality - Frontend: Our implementation to users was seamless and there have been no issues reported from members. We do not use the CMS for our website.

Integrations: We do not use CMS, and Noah integrates well with our Drupal website. We also have seamless integrations with Higher Logic Connected Communities and Higher Logic 's Informz email marketing.

Money Savings: Noah is broken into modules so you pick and choose which ones to use (membership, event reg, presenter center, donations, caree center, etc). We are most pleased with Event Reg, Presenter Center and Donations. Being a very scientific organization, our submissions for convention are quite intricate. But we've been able to work with Noah and eliminate an outside piece of software ($25k savings a year). We also got rid of outside event reg software ($15k a year), and have been able to implement a control to solicit donations (increase of $20k in revenue a year). 

Overall Effect: Because Noah has various modules (membership, event reg, presenter center, awards, career center, fundraising), we have one profile on every member. Previously, we had members in nearly a dozen different systems for different things. Using this data has allowed us to increase membership and retention in ways we couldnt before without lots of minutia.

Recommendation: Noah is great for small to medium sized associations. If you can afford one of the huge programs, yes, there are probably advantages. But we cannot afford that, and we have really upped our game by using Noah. We like Big Data, and by having everything in one AMS versus several linked programs, we now have that big data on our members.