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Time to Jump into the 21st Century

Customer Service
Does your AMS vendor respond to your organization's requests in a timely and thorough way?
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Membership, Customer Service, Data Entry
In a way, this review will be a bit like reviewing my 2000 Toyota Camry. It's done its job for 14 years - never let us down - but now it's time for the bells, whistles, and extra features that come with the latest model. So we are now actively researching a new AMS system and hope to be fully implemented by summer of 2014. Our association has used the Prevail AMS system for approximately 14 years and for the most part, we've been satisfied with it. Our initial implementation was fairly smooth, as were the few customizations we've had to make. Prevail is not web based but at the time we implemented Prevail, we did not have an online store, a members-only web portal (that needed to be tied to our member database) and our national conference registration was handled by an outside events management contractor. So it served our purposes at the time. TCS Software was, however, ahead of the curve in designing a web-based SooS AMS system (WebSuite 2) that they are gradually migrating their clients to, so the old Prevail system will be phased out as more clients go with web-based products. We looked at WebSuite 2 and were quite impressed by its many upgrades from the Prevail product, but decided that it wasn't the perfect fit for our association. That said, we have been extremely happy with TCS's customer service. The Prevail system is solid, so we seldom have to call for assistance, but whenever we do, our calls are always answered immediately, and our problems are solved that day, usually within minutes. I wish that we could continue doing business with TCS. They've set the bar so high for personalized customer service, we can only hope that our next AMS provider is capable of the same level of service.