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4-7 years
I don't have enough experience with enough other AMS systems to be sure this is not as good as it gets, but I sure do have a lot of complaints about this one! I certainly don't feel like they took the time to understand my needs when they 'set up' my association. We have several "chapters" under our main association and this seems to make all of their queries and the data that I pull from their system be a complete guessing game. Whenever I need something fixed, I get told it will be done in another 'build' but they have no idea when. Everytime you call support you get a different support person, (the online support is useless). Some are great, others are useless. Sometimes, I just hang up and call back until I get someone I know is good and knows the product. (I know of ONE person who answers my questions in a way that I trust!) That said, we have complicated events with concurrent sessions, multiple membership types and tiered registration fees. Are there other AMS programs out there that can handle all of this and provide good customer service and individualize your needs (obviously only to a certain extent) or should I consider having someone build us our own platform? I am sure this comes with its own set of problems. I get numerous user complaints about how not user friendly the checkout process is and unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anyway for me to edit the process to make it any more 'friendly'. This would not be my first choice!