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The AMS integrates the website, event management and of course all of membership information, along with a complex state regulated lawyer referral service we operate for the public. And the info integrates to Quickbooks which keeps our finance person happy. We aren't a huge organization but we are complex with over 50 sections, committees and a division-- most of whom have their own e-communities and listservs. We have no technical IT people on staff but it is simple to operate. We can all make and custom fields, web pages, events, custom reports and pretty much anything we need on an ongoing basis. The support is great and for anything we can't do on our own (or do not want to do) we just hire the Member Central programmers to do it for us. The rates are reasonable and then our staff don't have to do take time to figure it out. We have been on the system for several years (having converted from iMIS) and really can't imagine doing anything else. Are there occasional bumps in the road, yes! Do they get fixed, yes! I can't say I ever saw that with iMIS. Better yet, improvements roll out to fix and improve things that I didn't event realize I wanted. BONUS!