In early 2021, the GrowthZone AMS team joined Teri Carden, Founder of ReviewMyAMS for a fast-paced, interactive webinar

The topic? The 2021 Association Industry Survey Results. The annual survey conducted by GrowthZone explores statistical benchmarks as well as current issues impacting the membership industry. Year-over-year, the report has proven to be GrowthZone’s most downloaded content. 

As a follow-up to the webinar, the team aggregated some baseline statistics to provide a quick look at industry trends. The entire report is available on the GrowthZone website, as is the on-demand webinar.


Annual Growth in Overall Net Membership (year-over-year change)

     Increased (% of respondents reporting a higher overall membership count)
       2020: 19%
       2019: 40% 

     Unchanged (% of respondents reporting basically no change in overall membership count)
       2020: 49%
       2019: 46% 

     Decrease (% of respondents reporting a basically no change in overall membership count)
       2020: 32%
       2019: 13% 

Association Size

  Increased membership: Most common in organizations with 200-500 members and an operating budget between $250K-$500K.

  Decreased membership: Most common in organizations with 201-1000 members and an operating budget between $1M-$3M.

  Unchanged membership: Most common in organizations with 201-500 members and operating budgets under $250K and between $1-$3M.

Engagement & Growth:
% Respondents reporting improved engagement rates:

     Those with:
       Increased membership: 53%
       Decreased membership: 23% 
       Unchanged membership: 35%

COVID Impact

% Respondents reporting COVID had a positive impact on members’ opinions of their organization’s value.

Overall, 58% reported their organization’s response to the COVID crisis had a positive impact.

     Those with:
       Increased membership: 66%
       Decreased membership: 64%
       Unchanged membership: 44% 

Non-Dues Revenue & Growth
Top 3 Most Successful Sources of Non-Dues Revenue

     Those with:
       Increased membership:
         1.    Education offerings
         2.    Virtual events
         3.    Sponsorships

       Decreased membership:
         1.    Sponsorships
         2.    Virtual events
         3.    Advertising

      Unchanged membership:
        1.    Sponsorships
        2.    Virtual events
        3.    Education Offerings

DEI Initiatives & Growth
% Respondents reporting their organization made changes to its Diversity/Equity/Inclusion policies or practices in the previous 12 months:

     Those with:
       Increased membership said:
         Yes 41%
         No 44%
         Unsure 15%

     Decreased membership said:
         Yes 37%
         No 49%
         Unsure 14%

     Unchanged membership said:
         Yes 27%
         No 61%
         Unsure 12%

Check out the free, full report and see what over 600 association professionals across the U.S. and Canada said. Topics included everything from non-dues revenue sources and COVID relief funding to remote working arrangements and diversity practices. The results showed several interesting trends impacting today’s associations.

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