Fanatical customer service. Perfect fit for a hybrid professional organization.

Customer Service
Does your AMS vendor respond to your organization's requests in a timely and thorough way?
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Hybrid, Mostly Individual
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Less than 1 year

We are a hybrid professional organization with a mix of individual and corporate members.  We went live with Novi in Dec 2021. 

1. AMS selection process: exceptional.  Pete and his team were exceptionally open, transparent, patient, and diligent when answering our questions, providing us with demos, and ensuring that we had an accurate grasp of Novi's capabilities during our AMS selection process.  Our selection process narrowed down to 4 finalists and Novi was a late and uncertain entry but ended up finishing at the top of the pack with a significant advantage.

2. AMS implementation and onboarding: Fantastic.  Novi managed the entire project via Asana and our team became part of that Asana project with all milestones, deadlines and deliverables clearly marked.  Novi's team stayed on task and on time and our implementation slipped by only 2 weeks from an original estimate of 3 months.  The slippage was mostly on us and due to Thanksgiving holidays falling near the end and our staff taking time off.  Exellent project management and leadership from Novi's team.

3. Early support: Naturally shortly after the implementation there is a lot of need for hand-holding.  Novi's team excels at that.  Novi's documentation and online help are excellent and more often than not we were able to self service.

4. Life on Novi: it won't come to surprise to anyone that there will be things you can't accomplish on any system the way you want to accomplish them.  With that being said Novi's team was great at helping us find alternative solutions or we were able to adjust to the system limitations without much sacrifice in operational effectiveness. 

5. Big things we love:

  • Novi integrates with Zapier that opened up a world of integrations with other systems like Docusign, MailChimp, Cvent, Webinars, Office 365, and even automating processes inside Novi via Zapier.
  • Novi's modern and open APIs that make it easy to integrate with other systems like HigherLogic, AssociationAnalytics, our third party Jobs Board and Career Center, and Vendor Directory system.
  • Novi's deep integration with QuickBooks Online that completely eliminates the need to integrate with an accounting system, because Novi and QBO function as a cohesive system.

6. If I could make a prediction, I would not be surprised if NoviAMS spread like wildfire across small to medium associations (especially the ones on QBO) in the near future.  This prospect scares me a little, because an explosive growth has scalability implications for any business who wants to consistently deliver high level of service.  I would urge Novi team to very carefully select their future clients to ensure a strong alignment between customer needs and the system capabilities so they do not pull Novi's team and product development roadmap into too many directions all at once.

AMS Response

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and thorough review! We so appreciate the time you took to share your Novi experience.