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Customer Service
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Ease of Use
Membership Size: 
Industry Type: 
Housing and Real Estate
Organization Type: 
Trade Membership
Primary Job Function: 
Executive Management, Strategic Planning, Governance
Number of Years Using the AMS: 
Less than 1 year
In the past 18 years I have been a user of 5 different AMS systems, and always thought that there must be a better way. As a trade association it has always felt like every system was designed for professional orgs with individual members and to make it work we had to employ those famous "workarounds" that we always hear about. What makes novi AMS different is that it was designed from the ground up by association executives who worked with the developers to make sure that the user interface makes sense and that the workflow takes fewer steps to accomplish any task. Whether you are a trade association, professional org, foundation or hybrid, novi was built to make it easy to use for both association staff and the members. The member portal is an awesome feature and our members have enjoyed the flexibility and ease of managing their company's records with us. The integration with QBO is what makes novi special, and the APIs with mailchimp and others are an added benefit without having to buy plug ins from a third party. The report writer covers all areas of the database, and they are working on making the user interface even smoother. One of my staff commented that switching to novi is like "Christmas everyday" and we can't imagine going back to where we were. Would I recommend novi AMS? Yes, to any association that wants to streamline how they manage their membership, events, e-commerce...and have a fully integrated accounting system with no downloads of batches to make your GL work.
AMS Response

Thank you for your review! The association executives that helped create Novi said they wanted to get rid of time-wasting workarounds and it had to be easy! We can hardly take the credit for it - but we're certainly happy to hear that you've had such a positive experience. We are thankful for awesome customers that do great things for their industries and we look forward to being a small part of your success.