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4-7 years

We went with Wild Apricot because at the time it had everything we needed on the surface. We went through the 30 day trial, created the website, and bit the bullet at paid for a year.

for the most part it still does everything we want, but this year there was an increase of price, and features we are finding we need aren’t there. Customer support is good, but the development time for features is based on the wishlist on their forum.. just like any software company, features that have the highest number of votes gets added to the development queue. That doesn’t mean that they will be implemented right away, just that the feature is on their radar.

they have also created their own payment system through Affinipay called Wild Apricot payments, which in the long term should be good, but our loss of accepting Debit (Interac) is stinging.

creating email blasts isn’t very intuitive, and although a website can be customized, there is still some parts that can’t be under the hood.

overall, we are happy with Wild Apricot, but we have to look at the cost vs value next year when the price increase takes affect for us.