Great features, great potential, terrible customer service

Customer Service
Does your AMS vendor respond to your organization's requests in a timely and thorough way?
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Chief Staff Officer (#1)
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1-3 years

We settled on YM based on their wide variety of AMS features and functionality.  It appeared to be able to do pretty much all we needed to do, with just minimal customization.  We had a terrible implementation manager who dropped the ball several times, and our customer services woes started there.  Once we were up and running, the customer service issues just got worse. YM got bought out by Community Brand right after we signed up with them, and it appears that with that buy over, the demand for YM went up, and their customer service deparment just couldn't keep up with the increased demand.  When we would call in for help, we left messages that would be returned sometimes 48-72 hours later!  If we sent in a ticket for help, often times the response was just to watch this video or that.  The item we needed help with was often just a 2-3 minute Q, and they would send us to these long videos to get the answers.  I have moved on from the organization where we used YM, but checked in with the Executive Director there, and she tells me customer service continues to be an issue. They had a huge issue with their e-mail in 2019, and that forced the association to have to turn to Constant Contact to communicate with it's members.  This level of pathetic customer service is just unacceptable in my opinion, and now that I'm searching for a AMS for the association that I'm now working with, YM will certainly not be a consideration based on my previous bad experiences, as well as continued negative reviews on ASAE community threads, etc.