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Customer Service
Does your AMS vendor respond to your organization's requests in a timely and thorough way?
Ease of Use
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Trade Membership
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4-7 years

Customer Service: I've been very pleased with the system itself, the support network, and the user community! We've found support and client services to be responsive and proactive in making sure we have what we need as an organization. Each individual I've interacted with at Aptify, whether it be a member of management, R&D, client services, or support, all have passion for the product and work they do. Aptify also truly listens to their customers; being engaged in the user community, on committees, and at their conferences will always be to the benefit of your organization.

Ease of Use: We've been using Aptify for close to 7 years, and while every major implementation comes with growing pains and learning cuves, it's simple to use and navigate once you know what's what. Most recently, Aptify has made concerted efforts to update their product knowledge base and made it readily available which has been incredibly helpful. Aptify also actively engages the user community for feedback/input on the product, and does their best to incoporate what they can to enhance usability.

Reliability: We've experienced very little downtime since moving to the cloud hosted environment. Aptify is quick to communicate and resolve any outages, or issues that come up unexpectedly. Any planned outages are scheduled, brief, and during a time of day when we have very little (if any) web traffic.

Customization: Aptify is an incredibly flexible product, allowing the unique needs of any association to be met through customization or 3rd party integration. The Aptify Marketplace is also a great resource to find plugins, integrations, or other enhancements that Aptify or other organizations have done and made available for general use.