Novi is great

Customer Service
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Ease of Use
Membership Size: 
Industry Type: 
Housing and Real Estate
Organization Type: 
Trade Membership
Primary Job Function: 
Chief Staff Officer (#1)
Number of Years Using the AMS: 
4-7 years




I wrote this review a few years ago and I thought I would comeback and re-review Novi. The product only gets better. The Novi team is always updating and improving the AMS. We are now running a trade association, a professional society and a 501-c3 school on Novi. I can not tell you how happy we are on Novi! my original review below

"We have used a several different systems over the last 9 years and have been disappointed with those products. We switched to Novi a few months ago and it has been great! The Novi team told us that the system was designed by both Association Executives and computer code writers. Well it feels like AE's where involved! The system is intuitive and simple to use by tech savvy team members and not so tech savvy team members. Did I mention that it syncs directly to Quickbooks online. Demo this product you will not be disappointed."




AMS Response

Thank you for taking the time to share this review. When we set out to build Novi, we knew AE's had to be involved from the very beginning. This helped us make sure that our users shouldn't have to be super techy to use their database, because it should be easy! We're so glad to hear that your team finds Novi easy to use. We plan to continue offering you a positive experience as our valued customer.