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Does your AMS vendor respond to your organization's requests in a timely and thorough way?
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I don't know.
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Hybrid, Mostly Trade
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1-3 years

When you sign on with Novi you do not just start a new way to work, you start a new lifestyle.  The Novi community works more like a family, full of people who care about your success and are always ready to help when you have a question.  My journey with them started in the fall of 2016.  I have to admit to you that I am of an age to have grown to be a very skeptical person.  When I first learned about converting to Novi, I thought, "Oh, No!  Here is another thing to worry about" now, 3 years later, I say proudly, "You need Novi !"  Prior to Novi, I was used to other systems making incorrect entries into the QuickBooks records which caused me to spend countless extra hours cleaning up and correcting the financial data.  For the first 3 months we had Novi I would literally enter something in Novi and then immediately go into Quickbooks to see how it was recorded there.  I did this with about every transaction for those 3 months until I came to the conclusion that Novi was doing everything properly and that I really had nothing to worry about.  That was also the day I realized just how much time Novi would save me allowing me to handle other tasks that could use more time and focus.  Last fall I became a QB Certified Advanced Online ProAdvisor which then led my career to take another path that now allows me to work with multiple companies/associations who have signed on with Novi.  Due to that, I have extended experience seeing just how well Novi works.  It's faster, smarter, kinder, and an awesome way to work.  I would highly recommend for anyone considering which company to sign on with to join the Novi family.