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Transportation / Logistics
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Hybrid, Mostly Individual
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4-7 years

The Aptify AMS system is highly extendable and customizeable. It has solutions for practially everything a memberhsip association might need: events, memberships, e-commerce features, exam certifications, etc. Almost everything can be extended by a talented admin. For more complex work, a small development team can build some very complicated features into the system. It is a framework so there is a learning curve, but Aptify does a good job of managing the more demanding rules around data and event triggers.

The cost of this customization is in useability. Everyone down to end users are able to tailor the experience to their needs. They can adjust what appears in their top bar, what types of records will appear in their recent history and even create custom views to see different points of data (assuming it is data they have permission to access). This means your accounting team can have a completely separate experience than your membership team within the same platform, but also means you will need someone to provide training and to take responsiblity for insuring each new employee is set up appropriately. The Aptify Web platform has also made the end user experience much better at the cost of some additional overhead and training for the technical team.

Aptify is extendable through a Rest API or webservices. We had issues working through the API connection itinially, but the support team has been responsive and worked to improve it based on our feedback. It is now functioning solidly on our site. Because the Rest API is relatively new, there are not very many out of the box connectors, but that number is growing. We have found that Aptify can be picky when connecting to other platforms. The customization framework requires some specific ways to modify data. It is not overly prohibative, but should be considered if you are planning to use your AMS in a highly integrated environment.

I would highly recommend Aptify for a mid-sized team with some strong power users and/or access to some technical resources. The plafform takes time and effort to set up just like any other business software platform, but it's extendability can enable a team to build things far more complex than they would otherwise be able to support.