Template Websites have extreme limitations, back-end software is decent

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1-3 years

We've used MemberClicks for a few years and have learned all of the in's and out's of the software. More often than not, there are issues, limitations, and just plain old bugs that cause problems, even some resulting in a loss of revenue. Start in the beginning with just wanting a website to handle membership is where you first start to notice the issues.

Website Templates are NOT responsive! I quote again NOT responsive. They advertise them as 'responsive websites' which you would believe would adapt to the different users viewing them, but in fact, nearly all of the elements are static (such as the navigation bar). The simple solution would be to have the navigation menu based on percentages being 'responsive' and dynamic to the user's device and field of view. This sounds like a bit of complaining but you have expectations with the cost associated with the software.

The template choices are out-dated, not interactive, plain designs. MemberClicks limits what you can change. Additional changes outside of the basics will occur an additional fee. If you don't like the color in a few months, there will be a fee to change it. Want to have a button in a certain spot, there is either a fee or they are unable to change it. Their policy is to follow template designs so no customer goes outside of those designs.

Their features such as Forms are not intuitive (no complex logic built in). Any type of speaker portal or LMS system is additional to their base costs.

The only thing they do well is the back-end automated billing. Most software solutions can do that at a minimum. Their costs don't justify the platform. There are other solutions that are more geared towards associations, for less cost and we more features.