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Weblink is Solid, but not Pretty

Customer Service
Ease of Use
We have used Weblink, Affiniscape and Memex. Weblink certainly has a very solid back-end. It's built around the financial aspects of an Association and a solid database, and we really appreciate being able to generate the kinds of financial reports that are vital. Its front end website for the association tied to the back end is very attractive. One issue is that the tool requires the use of a portal - it's not entirely web-based yet, although moving in that direction. The system is solid, and perhaps most importantly, their team is very responsive. We've been live for more than a month and we find that they listen. They are continuing to make enhancements and improvements for us, which will be useful for other Associations as well. For the price, this is an excellent product. We compared this with Membersuite, Timberlake, IMIS, Avectra and YourMembership and this won out. Since then, several other associations in our industry have come aboard and we anticipate even more opportunities to customize and create benefit in the future.